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>> Home >> Maryland >> Greenbelt Childcare Providers >> Greenway Infant Care

Greenway Infant Care

Name:  Greenway Infant Care
Address:  7501 Greenway Center Dr
 Greenbelt, MD 20770
Phone:  (301) 474-6770

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Review by Krista on Thursday, January 27, 2011 at 7:17:27 PM
Greenway Infant Care (now Greenway Learning Center) is an excellent child care center. I've sent my children here for 7 years. Both children started there as infants, and my daughter attended until she graduated and went off to kindergarten. Her younger brother also started as an infant and is now a pre-schooler. The teachers for the youngest children help them with meeting milestones such as turning over, crawling, walking, transitioning from a bottle to a cup, and potty training. But even in the toddler room they start learning colors, shapes, and so on. The twos and especially the preschoolers start learning letters, numbers, shapes, the months of the year and so on. There's time every day for playing, both inside and outside. But what makes it really special is the caring attitude of the all the teachers. Every child knows they're loved by their teachers and the director, Ms. Patti. My daughter who graduated two years ago can't wait to drop by and visit with her old teachers. When a child looks forward to going to "school", you know they're doing something right.
Review by Tina on Monday, November 29, 2010 at 8:59:26 AM
I stumbled upon GLC when I was looking for something to eat for lunch one day! GLC is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows where you can see the kids play all day long. I figured if the teachers were being watched all day by passerbys, it would have to be a good, nuturing environment. My 3 year old son has been going there for almost a year and I'm absolutely thrilled. The staff is amazing and give lots of love to my son while I'm work. Best of all, they have a formalized teaching curriculum where my son has learned how his colors, numbers, letters, how to take turns and share and many other things immeasurable. Its very cool to have my son show/share with us what he has learned without us teaching it to him. Rates are extremely afforadable and the kids always have new supplies and have lots of outgings to enjoy seasons and holidays! I HIGHLY recommend Greeenway Learning Center!
Review by Jim W on Wednesday, October 6, 2010 at 7:27:19 PM
The name has recently changed to Greenway Learning Center. I have had two kids at Greenway and I love it. The teachers are wonderful, the director is responsive, and the other kids are friendly. This is one of the only places we have seen where teachers will heat lunches brought from home, so children can have hot lunches. My wife works at the University of Maryland and I work at Goddard Space Flight Center so the location is perfect for us. GLC is especially nice because it accepts infants and children up to 5 (pre-K). There don't seem to be many childcare centers that take infants (although we haven't looked since our oldest was a baby). Most importantly, GLC is a non-profit organization owned by the parents. Parents have a direct say on how children spend their day. I highly recommend GLC!