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>> Home >> Illinois >> Round Lake Childcare Providers >> Tender Tykes Daycare Inc.

Tender Tykes Daycare Inc.

Name:  Tender Tykes Daycare Inc.
Address:  1430 N. Park Drive
 Round Lake, IL 60073
Phone:  (847) 740-2817

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We have serviced the Round Lake Area with quality childcare since 1993. Our daycare children are prepared for kindergarten. We serve nutritious meals. Transportation and care is also provided for Round Lake Area school children.

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Review by Janette123 on Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 3:31:30 PM
I used to work there as a part time assistant, in 2011. The lady who worked with the younger children, was abusive during lunch time. She would force the kids, including babies, to drink every last drop of their milk/juice out of there zippy cups, before she would give them any food. If they didn't finish their drinks, the babies would scream their heads off, out of hunger. She also hit one of the toddlers, on his arm. I reported her to both, DCFS and the round lake beach police station, during that time. This daycare center needs to be shut down! Look up Tender Tykes on If you click on the arrow button, near the bottom, where it says More about Tender Tykes, you will see a Questions & answers section. There was a girl who used to go there, when she was younger. She wrote that she was molested, everyday, by one of the day care owners, as a young child. (The husband of the female owner.) Please put your children in another daycare! Don't let your children get abused and molested, at this one!